The Challenges Continue!

Well, since my last update my Mother has had a stroke and moved in my us.  Food-wise, that has thrown a big wrench into things.  She thinks we don’t eat real food & her idea of ‘real’ food has lots of bacon & salt.  We’re adjusting and finding some middle ground, but that is why I haven’t been updating regularly.  And the beat goes on……

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Different Kind of Challenge

Since my last post tons on things have happened in my life.  I’ve given up my home (hope to have it sold by mid-July) and I’ve moved in with my sweetie.  Overall, it’s great but it’s been a LOT of years since I have shared space with another person.  #learningcurve

Professionally, I have a part-time job on the horizon, because working full-time isn’t working health/energy wise.  Fingers crossed that it works out! 

Since I am settled in (somewhat) I’m planning to re-challenge myself very soon!  With another person in the house it should be much more interesting and I will have to adjust the budget.  He is also a junk foodaholic, so that complicates things.  I am open to any tips to slowing start converting him to the healthier side of things.  ALSO, I need tips to keep from falling into the junk habit myself–when it’s in the house it is SOOOO easy to do and my personal discipline isn’t as steadfast as it should be!! 






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Hi!  I wanted to check in with a brief update–I AM still alive!  The past year has been busy; I finished my Master’s degree and accepted a new job in the Quality Dept. of my facility (happy dance!!) 

A number of other things have happened–some of which involve angry raccoons, an errant bird, my dog versus a skunk, a broken-down car AND a deceased hot water heater, pressure tank, pressure switch and well pump.  Can you say Financial Hades??? 

On the good side of things, I’m giving up my second job, which I’ve had for six years, and I will be THRILLED to have more free time!!  So, I’m dusting off my blogging life and seeing if I can’t get back on board! 

Eve, if you’re still out there I would love to hear how you’re doing!

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I’ve started using My Fitness Pal, which seems to make tracking a little faster, especially on my phone.  Still working toward normalizing a grocery shopping schedule.  I KNOW it doesn’t sound like such a task, but trust me on this one!

New fave carry-along drink:

16 oz green tea

add 8 additional oz water

2 kiwi/strawberry benefiber packets

I actually came up with this because I had benefiber packets I needed to use up.  Turns out I love it!

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At It Again

I made my first official “BACK ON THE CHALLENGE” grocery shopping trip & spent $34.26 of my $35.00.  My next official shopping trip will be on May 14th, so I should be fine without making another trip.  I still have plenty of staple items and frozen options.  Here’s what I got for my money:

gallon 2% milk $2.99

celery $1.19

loaf of whole wheat bread $2.99

2 pkgs shredded colby/jack cheese $5.98 (yes, I know I could’ve shredded it myself cheaper)

2 cartons low fat cottage cheese $4.78

carton of 18 eggs $2.59

2.5 lbs grapes $5.66

quart of half & half $1.99

pkg fresh strawberries $1.50

walnut halves $4.99

I don’t think it was a bad haul.  Gosh it feels good to be back in the saddle!



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Alive & Kicking!

Hello!  I am still among the living!  I’ve had a few life hiccups but most of them are good things–just busy things.  My grocery challenge fell by the wayside but I’m gearing up to dust if off again.  I’m planning to start posting on a more regular basis and hope to see you guys dropping by!

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Defining what works

Hi again!  I’m working on tweaking my plan & streamlining it to work within my current situation.  On the Crohn’s front things have settled down–YAY!  However, I have developed a persistent parotid problem which is seriously impeding my ability to chew.  Seriously.  Today I go back to the Dr & I hope to get more information regarding options.  Long-term antibiotics?  surgery?  wishing the affliction on someone I dislike?

Anyway, my newest challenge is eating.  Due to fatigue & poor time management, once more,  my grocery shopping plan has gone awry.  How freakin’ hard can it be to get to the store on a regular basis??  WTF.  Apparently I can’t answer this riddle because I am continually confounded by this task.  Until my parotid problem resolves, I am stuck on mostly liquids.  Right now that means Ensure, slim fast and carnation instant breakfast.  Today I’m going to pick up some goodies suitable for the vitamix; this will increase my nutrient intake and alleviate some boredom.  Frozen & fresh fruits/veg and some nuts for nut butter.  Those sound yummy!  I would chew the dogs hind leg, if he would just stand still–if I could just chew….

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Still Alive

Hi!  I have finally resurfaced!  I’m a little worse for wear & not feeling the greatest but survival is imminent.  For the next month I’ll be working to re-establish a routine in my world & start rebuilding my dietary intake to resemble something more healthy.  Just wanted to pop in and update!

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Fly in the Ointment….

Apologies for not updating in so long.  I’m in a good news/bad news situation which I had hoped to avoid.  On the “good news” side, I’ve been able to stay within the $30 a week budget with no effort.  I’ve discovered my biggest expenses are animal upkeep for seven pets and my beauty product fetish.  I’ll save that for a LOT bigger post…

On the “bad news” side of the equation, I’m SICK again.  My current eating plan is made up of mostly clear liquids & Ensure.  I’ve spent the last two months feeling really great, so I added more stuff to my ‘to-do’ list and I felt normal.  I even contemplated a full-time job because I neglected to remember WHY I was feeling better… Now I have over-done it & did not respect my body’s need for rest and recuperation time.  Now, I’m down for the count.  Extreme fatigue, crazy northern & southern digestive symptoms which will only be briefly hinted at, aching, and an exacerbation of some VERY painful shingles that manifest when I’ve pushed too far.  SHIT!

I ALMOST think it’s unfair to reach a point where I feel “normal” but can only maintain it by forcing myself to dumb-down my life.  Thus is the circle of chronic illness.  I told me so…

When I am able to eat again I will resume the budget challenge and tracking my intake.  Right now it’s pretty dismal & I’m losing weight WAY too fast.  $30 more than covers my need for Sprite, Ensure, and foods that slide, especially given my existing stash.

(I will be posting this same update on my other blog.  I know, lazy cop-out)

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My First Trip

**The motivation for my challenge came from $30 Bucks A Week, I wanna thank them for doing the legwork & paving the way!**

Yesterday I decided to make the first grocery shopping trip of my new $30 challenge, just for giggles.  Honestly, it went pretty well!  I went to super Walmart-not my favorite spot, but it was close & I figured I’d have maximum choices there.  Next time I’m going to scope out Aldi’s or Save-a-lot.

In addition to my purchases, I’ll be using what I already have at home and will try to maintain my small “bought ahead” stockpile out of the $30.  Right now that sounds a little ambitious, but I’ll see how it plays out.  I grew up in the country & during bad weather we would be iced in for a couple of weeks at a time, so I always keep a little extra on hand.  No, I’m not prepped for Armageddon…

Sooo, here is what I purchased:

carton of 18 lg eggs:    $2.20

organic walnut halves & pieces:  $5.98

bag of broccoli slaw:  $1.68

lg carton of LF cottage cheese:  $2.38

lg carton of plain LF yogurt:  $2.18

whipped buttermilk butter substitute:  $1.58

small bag of shredded colby/jack mix:  $2.08

lg bag (4 lbs) frozen fruit-mixed mango, peach, pineapple, strawberry: $7.78

My total was $25.86, which leaves $4.14.  If I don’t spend it before payday, I’ll be adding it onto that pay periods’ budget.

At home I already have two types of bean soup frozen in single serve cups, 2 lbs of extra lean ground beef cooked & frozen in 1/3 cup portions, plus a couple pkgs of chicken, canned fruits & veggies, 5lbs fresh apples, 2 pkgs of Earth Grains thin buns (my favorites) and milk, plus an assortment of other stuff.

Yes, I’m a dairy hound & I have meat a couple of times a week.  This will more than last until my next payday and I will be budgeting $60, since I’m paid bi-weekly.  I also take my lunch & snacks to work most days, so I’ll let you know how that’s going as well.

**For the sake of tracking, I will be budgeting separately for household things like toilet paper, animal food & cleaning supplies as I have no idea how much I spend in those areas.  I’ve become a little lax in the money tracking department and that’s part of the reason for my challenge!

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